A History of the University of Oxford [with] A History of the University of Cambridge.
London: R. Ackermann 1814 & 1815.
FIRST EDITIONS. Together 4 vols. Large 4to. (34 x 28 cm). With half-titles and lists of subscribers. Uniformly bound in nineteenth century maroon morocco; beautifully stamped in gilt and blind gilt panelled spines with raised bands in blind; decorative gilt inner dentelles; all edges gilt; inner hinges cracked and worn. The Armorial bookplates of Baron Hambro on front paste downs; Oxford with 2 engraved portraits and 114 hand-coloured aquatint plates (including the 33 of the Founders); Cambridge with portrait and 95 hand-coloured aquatint plates (including the 16 of the Founders). P.247 of Oxford in first state with printed overslip at p.247. Occasional slight offsetting from the plates to the text a few preliminary leaves slightly browned or spotted occasional marginal spotting a few plates with small stab-holes. Generally a fine set. SIEGFREID SASSOON'S set with his notes in pencil on the flyleaves of each volume and a small sheet of paper with further notes in ink loosely inserted. As he points out many of the plates in both works are watermarked 1812 indicating an early issue. Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967) poet and prose-writer was educated at Clare College Cambridge (although he left without taking his degree) and was later made an honorary fellow. Additionally he was given an honorary D. Lit. from Oxford in 1965.

Coloured plates in order:

Oxford. Volume 1.

1. Frontispiece. View of Oxford taken from New College Tower.
2. Entrance to Oxford from the London Road.
3. High Street. Looking West.
4. The Old Tower.
5. St. Aldate's from Carfax.
6. St. Peter's Church.
7. Crypt of St. Peter's Church.
8. Walter de Merton. Bishop of Rochester. Founder of Merton College.
9. Merton Chapel.
10. Merton College, North Window of the Ante Chapel.
11. Magpie Lane.
12. King Alfred, Founder of University College.
13. Hall of University College.
14. University & Queen's College, High Street.
15. John Baliol, Co-founder with Devorguilla his Wife, of Baliol College.
16. Devorguilla Baliol, Co-founder with John Baliol, of Baliol College.
17. Quadrangle of Baliol College.
18. Walter Stapleton, Founder of Exeter College.
19. The Public Schools, & Part of Exeter College Library, from the Garden.
20. Hall of Exeter College.
21. King Edward II, Founder of Oriel College.
22. Oriel College.
23. Robert Egglesfield, Founder of Queen's College.
24. Sir Joseph Williamson, Knight. Founder of the present Edifice of Queen's College.
25. Queen's College Chapel.
26. William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester, Founder of New College.
27-28. New College, Entrance Gate / Magdalen College, Entrance Gate.
29. Chapel of New College.
30. Window of the New College Chapel.
31. Richard Flemming, Bishop of Lincoln, Founder of Lincoln College.
32. Thomas Rotherham, Co-founder with Richard Flemming, of Lincoln College.
33. Chapel of Lincoln College from the Ante Chapel.
34. Henry Chichely, Archbishop of Canterbury, Founder of All Souls College.
35. All Souls, taken from the top of the Radcliffe Library.
36. Library of All Souls College.
37. Chapel of All Souls College.
38. William Patten, of Wainfleet, Bishop of Winchester, Founder of Magdalen College.
39. Old Gate of Magdalen College.
40. Cloister of Magdalen College.
41. Magdalen Tower.
42. Chapel of Magdalen College.
43. West Entrance to the Chapel of Magdalen College.

Oxford. Volume 2.

44. Frontispiece. View of Oxford from the Gallery in the Observatory.
45. William Smith, Co-founder with Richard Sutton, of Brazen Nose College.
46. Richard Sutton, Knight. Co-founder of Brazen Nose College.
47. Brazen-Nose College & Radcliffe Library.
48. Brazen-Nose College, Part of the Schools &c., taken from the top of Radcliffe Library.
49. Richard Fox, Bishop of Winchester, Founder of Corpus Christi College.
50. Corpus Christi College and Christ Church Cathedral.
51. Cardinal Wolsey, Founder of Christ Church College.
52. King Henry VIII, Co-founder with Cardinal Wolsey of Christ Church College.
53. Chapter House.
54. Part of Christ Church Cathedral.
55. Choir of the Cathedral.
56. The Kitchen at Christ Church.
57. Gate of Christ Church - from Pembroke College.
58. Hall of Christ Church.
59. Library of Christ Church.
60. Christ Church Library. Peckwater.
61. Sir Thomas Pope, Knight. Founder of Trinity College.
62. Sir Thomas White, Founder of St. John's College.
63. Trinity College Chapel.
64. Quadrangle of St. John's College.
65. St. John's College from the Garden.
66. Queen Elizabeth, Founder of Jesus College.
67. Jesus College Chapel.
68. Nicholas Wadham, Founder of Wadham College.
69. Dorothy Wadham, Foundress of Wadham College.
70. Wadham College, from the Parks.
71. Wadham College Chapel.
72. Thomas Teesdale, Co-founder of Pembroke College.
73. Richard Wightwick S.T.B. Co-founder of Pembroke College.
74-75. Pembroke College / Hertford College.
76. Sir Thomas Cookes, Founder of Worcester College.
77. Worcester College.
78. Dr. Richard Newton, Founder of Hertford College.
79. Alban Hall.
80-81. Botanic Garden / St. Edmund's Hall.
82-83. Door of the Divinity School / St. Mary's Hall.
84-85. Magdalen Hall / New Inn Hall.
86. The Statue Gallery.
87. Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, Founder of the Divinity School.
88. Divinity School.
89. Sir Thomas Bodley, Founder of Bodleian Library.
90. Bodleian Library.
91. Gilbert Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury, Founder of the Theatre.
92. Elias Ashmole. Founder of the Ashmolean Museum.
93. Edward Hyde - Earl of Clarendon, Founder of the Clarendon Printing House.
94. The Clarendon Printing House, Theatre & Museum.
95. Dr. Radcliffe, Founder of the Radclivian Library.
96. Radcliffe Library. (exterior view)
97. The Radcliffe Library. (interior view)
98. The Vestibule of Radcliffe Library.
99. Astronomical Observatory. (exterior view)
100. Astronomical Observatory. (interior view)
101. St. Mary's Church taken from the top of Radcliffe Library.
102-103. Porch of St. Mary's Church / Stair of Christ Church.

Members of the University, with their respective Costume.

104. Doctor in Divinity.
105. Doctor in Divinity in Convocation.
106. Doctor in Physic. Full Dress.
107. Doctor in Physic.
108. Bachelor of Laws.
109. Doctor in Music.
110. Master of Arts.
111. Bachelor in Arts.
112. Nobleman.
113. Gentleman Commoner.
114. Commoner.
115. Student in Civil Law.
116. Scholar.
117. Proctor.
118. Gentleman Commoner & Nobleman, Undress Gowns / Pro Proctor.
119. Servitor / Bachelor of Divinity / Collector.
120. Vice Chancellor / Esquire Beadle / Yeoman Beadle / Verger.

Cambridge. Volume 1.

121. Cambridge from the Ely Road.
122. Hugh de Balsham, Founder of St. Peter's College, Cambridge.
123. Part of St. Peter's College from the Private Garden.
124. Court of Peter House.
125. Chapel of St. Peter's College.
126. St. Peter's College.
127. Elizabeth De Clare, Foundress of Clare Hall, Cambridge.
128. Clare Hall.
129. Clare Hall Chapel.
130. Entrance to the Avenue, from Clare Hall Piece with the new buildings of King's.
131. Mary Countess of Pembroke, Foundress of Pembroke College, Cambridge.
132. Pembroke Hall &c, from a window at Peterhouse.
133. Pembroke College.
134. John Caius, Founder of Caius College, Cambridge.
135. Caius College.
136. Chapel of Caius College.
137. William Bateman, Bishop of Norwich, Founder of Trinity Hall, Cambridge.
138. Front of Trinity Hall.
139. Henry, Duke of Lancaster, Founder of Corpus Christi, or Benett's College, Cambridge.
140. Chapel of Benet College.
141. King Henry VI, Founder of King's College, Cambridge.
142. Plan & Section of the Roof of King's College Chapel.
143. South Side of King's College Chapel.
144. The Choir, King's Chapel.
145. West Entrance to King's College Chapel.
146. South Porch of King's College Chapel.
147. Chapel of King's College.
148. West End of King's College Chapel.
149. Court of King's College.
150. Margaret Wife of King Henry VI, Foundress of Queen's College, Cambridge.
151. Queen's College.
152. Queen's College from the Private Walk.
153. Hall of Queen's College.
154. Robert Woodlark, Founder of Catherine Hall, Cambridge.
155. Chapel of Catherine Hall.

Cambridge. Volume 2.

156. Colonnade under Trinity Library.
157. John Alcock, Founder of Jesus College, Cambridge.
158. Jesus College from the Close.
159. Ante Chapel of Jesus College.
160. Margaret, Countess of Richmond, Foundress of Christ's College, Cambridge.
161. Christ College from the Street.
162. Chapel of Christ College.
163. Margaret, Countess of Richmond, Foundress of St. John's College, Cambridge.
164. Second Court of St. John's College.
165. St. John's College from Fisher's Lane.
166. Chapel of St. John's College.
167. St. John's Library.
168. St. John's College from the Gardens.
169. Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, Founder of Magdalen College, Cambridge.
170. Chapel of Magdalen College.
171. Magdalen College Library.
172. King Henry VIII, Founder of Trinity College.
173. Trinity Gate.
174. Hall of Trinity College.
175. Quadrangle of Trinity College.
176. Chapel of Trinity College.
177. Kitchin of Trinity College.
178. Trinity Library from St. John's Gardens.
179. Trinity College Bridge.
180. Library of Trinity College.
181. Sir Walter Mildmay, Founder of Emanuel College, Cambridge.
182. Emanuel College.
183. Front of Emanuel College.
184. Chapel of Emanuel College.
185. Hall of Emanuel College.
186. Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex, Foundress of Sidney College, Cambridge.
187. Hall of Sidney College.
188. Downing College.

Public Buildings.

189. Law School.
190. Theatre of Anatomy.
191. Public Library & Senate House.
192. Public Library.
193. Senate House.
194. St. Mary's Church.
195. Interior of St. Mary's Church.
196. Botanic Garden.

Members of the University, with their Respective Costume.

197. Doctor in Divinity in the Ermined Robe, or Cope.
198. Doctor in Divinity, in the Scarlet Gown.
199. Doctor in Law or Physic, in Congregation Robes.
200. Doctor in Physic.
201. Doctor in Music.
202. Master of Arts, of the Non Regent or the Lower House.
203. Bachelor of Arts.
204. Nobleman.
205. Fellow Commoner.
206. Pensioner.
207. Proctor.
208. Pensioner of Trinity Hall, [the] Common Dress of the Doctor in Law & the Doctor in Physic.
209. Fellow Commoner of Emanuel College, Nobleman, Fellow Commoner of Trinity College.
210. Pensioner of Trinity College, Master of Arts (with the Hood Squared), Sizer, Master of Arts of the Regent, or Upper House.
211. Doctor in Divinity in his Ordinary Dress, Doctor in Divinity in the Surplice, Esquire Beadle, Yeoman Beadle.

Town of Cambridge.

212. St. Sepulchres, the Round Church. (exterior)
213. St. Sepulchres, the Round Church. (interior)
214. Trinity Church.
215. Prison and Castle from the Huntingdon Road.
Abbey Scenery 279 & 280; Prideaux pp.125-126 & 332; Tooley 5 & 4; Bobins II nos 609 & 610.
Hand coloured plates
Ackermann, Architecture/Mansions, Costume, History - England
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