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SMITH, Captain Robert (illust.)
Asiatic Costumes...
London: Ackermann, Strand, 1828.
FIRST EDITION. 12mo. (18.5 x 11 cm approx) [iv] 88pp. 44 fine hand-coloured engraved plates modern half calf over marbled boards. Raised bands in blind and gilt title to spine. RARE. The author a Scot who served in India and subsequently settled in Dublin when appointed Athlone pursuivant-at-arms. He is presumably the same Robert Smith renowned for his fine views of Prince of Wales Island which were engraved by William Daniell. The plates are of a high quality depicting a full range of Indian trades and society and also include 2 Burmese subjects. Good condition. An attractive series of costume plates.

Coloured plates in order:

1. Dancing Boy.
2. A Nantch, or Singing Girl.
3. Nantch girl, or Dancing Girl.
4. A Nantch Girl, or Singing Girl.
5. A Nantch Girl, or Singing Girl.
6. A Female playing on the Tumboors.
7. Musician playing on the Tumboora.
8. Musician, playing on the Saringee.
9. Musician, playing on the Cymbals.
10. Musician, with a pair of Drums.
11. Musician, with a Khole or Drum.
12. Khidmutgar, or Waiter.
13. Khidmutgar, or Fly-flapper.
14. Barburdar, or Steward.
15. Hoqqu-burdar, or Pipe-bearer.
16. Chob-dar, or Mace bearer.
17. Choakee-dar, or Watchman.
18. Shaprasse, or Porter.
19. Suntoo-burdar, or Running Footman.
20. Dak, Wala, or Postman.
21. A Surcar, or Agent.
22. Ch-hata-wala, or Umbrella carrier.
23. Barburdar, or Fan-bearer.
24. Dace or Ayah - A Nurse.
25. A Girl stringing Flowers for Wreaths.
26. Woman preparing Thread for the Loom.
27. A Gardener.
28. Native of Bengal, selling Sweetmeats.
29. Bihishtee, or Water Carrier.
30. Dood-h-wala, or Milkman.
31. Bangy-Wala.
32. A Ryot, or Ploughman.
33. Sepoy, or Native Soldier.
34. A Native Lady in her Palkee.
35. Tonjon.
36. A Native of Rank on an Elephant.
37. Moonshee, or Interpreter.
38. A Mussulman.
39. A Brahmin.
40. Fuqeer, or Begging Friar.
41. Fuqeer, or Enthusiast.
42. Fuqeer, or Beggar.
43. A Burmese Man.
44. A Burmese Woman.
Colas 2753. Not in Abbey, Tooley or Travis collection; Bobins I 307; Vinet 2195.
Hand coloured plates
Costume, India
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