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MADOU, Jean Baptiste.
Collection des costumes de l'Armee Belge, en 1832 et 1833...
Bruxelles, Dero-Becker, (1833).
Contemporary half roan boards with a large gilt royal coat of arms on upper board. With introductory lithographed plate showing the King and his officers in uniform on horseback, and 22 beautiful lithographed plates with Belgian military costumes after Madou and printed by Dero-Becker. All hand coloured. (26) lvs. Belgian military costume-album, with dedication to the Belgian King, and lithographed leaf with subscribers, containing some 90 names mostly of Belgian nobility and officers of the Belgian Army. All plates show animated groups of military men in all the various uniforms, including the Belgian "gendarmerie", the national police-force, and the administrative personnel of the Belgian army and navy, and all plates are very attractively and brightly washed and coloured by hand. A good copy of a beautiful costume-book.- (Upper joints weak; some slight thumbing)

Coloured plates in order:

1. Untitled plate of the Belgian King, and officers on horseback.
2. Aides-de-Camp et Officiers d'Ordonnange du Roi.
3. Generaux de Division et de Brigade et leur Aide-de-Camp.
4. Corps des Guides.
5. Infanterie de Ligne.
6. Infanterie de Ligne.
7. 1st Regiment de Lanciers.
8. Chasseurs a Pied .
9. Chasseurs a Pied.
10. Corps des Partisans.
11. Cuirassiers.
12. 1st Regiment Chasseurs a Cheval.
13. 2nd Regiment de Lanciers.
14. Artillerie de Campagne et Train.
15. Service de Sante et Ambulance.
16. 2nd Regiment de Chasseurs a Cheval.
17. Garde Civique. Premier Ban.
18. Garde Civique. Premier Ban.
19. Gendarmerie (a pied et a cheval).
20. Corps du Genie et Sapeurs Mineurs.
21. Artillerie a Cheval.
22. Etat-Major General.
23. Administration Militaire et Marine.
Colas 1933; Hiler & Hiler, 560; Rahir 520; Vinet 2210; cf. Lipperheide 2257 (Dutch edition)
Hand coloured plates
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