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The Coronation of KIng Charles II.
n.d. [1661]
19 wonderful, large hand-coloured, copperplate double-page plates, all with captions at head, all mounted on stubs, a little soiled and browned in places, some minor foxing, some tears and repairs to fold at lower margin, lower outer corner frayed, modern panelled calf boards, raised bands to spine, with repeated black decorative motif in each compartment. folio, [1661]. A glorious glimpse of the aristocratic 'hierarchy' as seen at a Royal Coronation during the latter half of the seventeen century.

Coloured plates in order:

1. The Kings Herb-woman & her Six Maids / The Deans Beadle of Westminster / The High Constable of Westminster / A Fife / Four Drums / The Drum Major.
2. Eight Trumpets / The Kettle Drums / Eight Trumpets / The Sergeant Trumpet / The Six Clerks in Chancery.
3. The Closet Keeper of The Royal Chapel / The Kings Chaplains having Dignities, in number 14 / Aldermen of London, in number 21.
4. Masters in Chancery, in numbers 10 / The Kings Sergeants at Law, in number 5 / The Kings Attorney / The Kings Solicitor / The Kings ancient Sergeant / Esquires of the Body.
5. Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber, in number Twenty Seven / Judges, in number 9 / The Lord Chief Justice of the Kings Bench / The Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer.
6. Children of the Choir of Westminster, in number 8 / The Sergeant Porter / The Sergeant of the Vestry / Children of his Majesties Chapel Royal, in number Twelve / The Choir of Westminster, in number 16.
7. The Groom of the Vestry / The Organ Blower / Two Sackbuts, and a double Courtal / Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal, in number 32.
8. The Sub Dean & Confessor / The Prebendaries of Westminster, in number 12 / The Dean of Westminster / The Master of the Jewell House / Privy Councellors, not Peers.
9. Rougecroix Pursuivant / Rougedragon Pursuivant / Baronesses, in number Twenty One / Barons in number Thirty Six.
10. Bishops, in number Nine / Portcullis Pursuivant / Blewmantle Pursuivant.
11. Viscountesses, in number Three / Viscounts, in number Five / Chester Herald / Somerset Herald / Countesses, in number Twenty Nine.
12. Earles, in number Thirty Three / Lancaster Herald / Richmond Herald.
13. A Marchioness / York Herald alone, Windsor Herald supplying the place of Garter / Duchesses, in number Eight / A Duke.
14. Clarenceux King of Armes / Norroy King of Armes / The Lord President of the Council / The Lord Privy Seal / The Lord Archbishop of York / The Lord High Treasurer / The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury / The Lord Keeper of the great Seal / The Duke of Normandy / The Duke of Aquitaine.
15. The QUEENS Vice-Chamberlain / Two Gentlemen Ushers / The QUEENS Lord Chamberlain / The Queens Ivory Rod, borne by the Earl of Dorset / The Queens Scepter with the Cross, borne by the Earl of Rutland / The Queens Crown, borne by the Duke of Beaufort.
16. (a) The QUEENS Majestie (b) The Bishop of London (c) The Bishop of Winchester (d) The Duchess of Norfolk (e) Four Earls Daughters (f) Sixteen Barons of the Cinque Ports (g) a Lady of the Bedchamber (h) Two of her Majesties women (i) Gentlemen Pensioners.
17. (a) The Scepter with the Cross, borne by the Earl of Peterborow (b) The golden Spurrs, borne by the Lord Grey (c) St. Edwards Staff, born by the Earl of Ailesbury (d) The second Sword, borne by the Earl of Derby (e) Curttana, borne by the Earl of Shrewsbury (f) The third Sword, borne by the Earle of Pembroke (g) The Gentlemen Usher of the Black Rod (h) Windsor Herald, supplying the place of Garter (i) The Lord Mayor of London, with the City Scepter (k) The Lord Chamberlain (l) The Lord High Constable of England (m) The Sword of State, born by the Earl of Oxford (n) The Earl Marshall of England.
18. (1) The Orb, borne by the Duke of Somerset (2) The Crown, borne by the Duke of Ormond (3) the Scepter with the Dove, borne by the Duke of Abermarle (a) The KINGS Majestie (b) The Bishop of Durham (c) The Bishop of Bath and Wells (d) Four Earls Eldest Sons (e) The Master of the Robes (f) Sixteen Barons of the Cinque ports (g) The Earl of Huntingdon Captain of the Band of Great Pensioners (h) The Duke of Northumberland Captain of the Guard in Waiting (i) The Viscount Grandson Capt. of the Yeoman of the Guard (k) Gentlemen Pensioners.
19. A Gentleman of the Bedchamber / Two Grooms of the Bedchamber / Lieut of the Yeomen of the Guard / Ensign of the Yeomen of the Guard / Yeomen of His Majesties Guard of his Body, in number One Hundred.
Hand coloured plates
British Isles, Costume, History - England
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