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GODDARD, T and J BOOTH (publishers).
Costume, the Military of Europe. Exhibited in a series of highly-finished military figures, in the uniform of their several corps. With a concise description, and historical anecdotes. Forming memoirs of the various armies of the present time
London, 1812 - 1822.
2 vols. Large 8vo. Contemporary half green morocco. 48 engraved plates in first volume and 49 engraved plates in the second volume. All coloured in a contemporary hand. 43; 51 pp. text. FIRST EDITION of a beautiful work on European military costumes, showing on 96 engraved and hand coloured plates the costumes of contemporary Europe, describing uniforms from different European armies. In volume 1 the majority of the plates are of the British Army; but also of the French Army; Italian Army and the Dutch. In volume 2 the Imperial Austrian Army; Prussian Army; Russian Army; Spanish Army and the Swedish and Danish Armies. Half green morocco with marbled boards, title to spine in gilt with raised bands in six compartments - title in second compartment, volume number in fourth compartment. Spine worn at top and tail, extremities rubbed and worn, corners bumped. Internally a nice example - plates clean and fresh.

Coloured plates in order:

Volume 1.

1. British General Officer.


2. British Officer of Heavy Cavalry. 1st Regt., Life Guards.
3. British Officer of Heavy Cavalry. 2nd Regt., Life Guards.
4. British Officer of Heavy Cavalry of the Royal Regt. of Horse Guards Blue.
5. Officer of the 5th Princess Charlotte of Wales's Dragoon Guards.
6. General the Most Noble Marquis of Anglesey, G.C.B. Colonel of the 7th Regt. Lt. Dragoon Hussars.
7. British Officer of Hussars of the 10th, or Prince of Wales's own Regt.
8. Officer of the 12th, or Prince of Wales's Light Dragoons.
9. British Officer of the 13th Regt., of Light Dragoons.
10. Officer of the 15th Lt. Dragoons of Duke of Cumberland's Hussars.
11. British Officer 17th Regt., Light Dragoons.
12. British Officer of the 18th Regt., in Review Order.
13. Royal British Artillery. (1) Officer of Horse Artillery. (2) Officer of Foot Artillery.


14. British Officer of Grenadiers, 1st Regt., of Foot Guards.
15. British Officer of the 2nd or Coldstream Regt., of Foot Guards.
16. Officer of the 9th (or Brtiannia Regt., of Infantry).
17. British Officer 25th Regt., Foot or Kings Own Borderers.
18. British Officer 73rd Regiment of Foot.
19. British Officer of Highlanders 79th or Cameronian Regt.
20. British Officer 87th or Prince of Wales's own Irish Regt.
21. British Officer 95th Regt., or Rifle Corps.
22. British Officer 97th Regt., or Queens Own.

British Troops of the Line.

23. (1) A Sergeant of Highland Infantry. (2) Dragoon of the 1st Regt., or Royals. (3) Grenadier of the 4th or King's Own Regt., of Foot.

Troops of the Line and Light Troops.

24. (1) Trooper of Heavy Horse 2nd Regt., of Life Guards. (2) Gunner of the Royal Horse Artillery. (3) Hussar of the 10th or Prince of Wales's Own Regt.
25. (1) Private of the 12th (or Prince of Wales) Royal Regiment of Lancers. (2) Private of the 25th Regt., of Foot.

British Light Troops.

26. (1) Soldier of the 43rd Regt., Light Infantry. (2) Dragoon of the 23rd Regt., Light Dragoons. (3) Rifleman of 95th Regt.
27. (1) A Private of the 18th Hussars. (2) A Musician of the 18th Hussars in full review order.
28. British Army. a Lance Man (or Hulan).

Foreign Troops in the pay of Great Britain.

29. Duke of Brunswick Oels' Corps - Officer of Hussars.
30. Duke of Brunswick Oels' Corps - Officer of Infantry.
31. Duke of Brunswick Oels' Corps. (1) Private Hussars.
(2) Private of Light Infantry. (3) Private of the Rifle Company.
32. Officer of Greek Light Infantry.
33. Private of Greek Light Infantry.
34. (1) Officer Calabrian Free Corps. (2) Private Calabrian Free Corps.

French Army.

35. French General Officers. (1) Marechal de l'Empire, in his Grand Costume & Decoration of the Legion of Honor. (2) General de Brigade, in his full Dress & small Decoration of the Legion of Honor.
36. French General Division. Le Comte Le Febure Desnoettes.

Troops of the Line.

37. French Officer of Grenadiers a Cheval of the 26th Regt., of Dragoons.

Light Troops.

38. French Officer of Hussars 5th Regt.

Troops of the Line.

39. French Officer of Grenadiers 94th Regt.


40. French Officer of Foot Artillery.
41. French Army A. (1) Curassier of the 6th Regt. (2) Horse Artillery Man 1st Regt. (3) Private of the 2nd or Chambornt Hussars.
42. French Army B. Troops of the Line. (1) 4th Regt., of Dragoons. (2) Grenadier of the 94th Regt., of the Line.
43. French Army C. Light Troops. (1) 27th Light Infantry. (2) 5th Regt., of Chasseurs a Cheval.
44. A Soldier of the Dromedary Corps.

Italian Army.

45. Italian General Officer.

Troops of the Line.

46. Italian Officer of Grenadiers 2nd Regt., of Infantry of the Line.

Dutch Army.

47. Dutch Marshal.

Light Troops.

48. Dutch Officer of Light Dragoons 2nd

Volume 2.

Austrian Army.

48. Imperial Austrian General.

Troops of the Line.

49. Austrian Officer of Cuirasiers Regt., Prince Charles of Lorraine.
50. Austrian Officer of Dragoon Regt., de Reisky.

Light Troops.

51. An Austrian Officer of Hussars of Archduke Ferdinand's Regt (Hungarian).

Light Troops.

52. Saxon Officer of Hussars.
53. Austrian Officer of Halans. Regt., Count Meerveldt on his full Dress.

Troops of the Line.

54. Officer of the Archduke Charles's Regt., of Infantry in his undress uniform.


55. Austrian Officer of Foot Artillery.
56. Austrian Army A. (1) Cuirasier of Archduke Joseph's Regt. (2) Imperial Corps of Artillery.
57. Austrian Army B. (1) Trooper of the Archduke Charles's Regt., of Chevaux Legers Light Horse. (2) Chasseur of the Tyrolese Regt., of Sharpshooters, Count Chastellar.
58. Austrian Army C. (1) Grenadier of the Regt., Spleny (Hungarians). (2) Hussar of the Regt., Count Kleinmayer.
59. Austrian Army D. (1) A Soldier of the Empreror's Regt. (2) A Dragoon of Archduke Charles's Regt. (3) Hulan of Prince Schwartzenberg's Regt.

Prussian Army.

60. A Prussian General Officer.
61. Prussian Officer of Cuirasiers, Regt., von Quitzow.
62. Prussian Officer of Dragoons Regt., Count Hertzberg.

Light Troops.

63. Prussian Officer of 2nd Lieb Regt., of Hussars in his full Court Dress.
64. Prussian Officer of Hussars Regt., Rudorf, in his full Review Uniform.
65. Prussian Officer of Hussars Regt., Prince of Anhalt Pless.
66. Prussian Officer of Hulan's Regt., Towarszsyz.
67. Prussian Officer and Provate of Yaeger Guards of General de Yorck.


68. Prussian Officer of Artillery.
69. Prussian Officer of Grenadiers Regt., Friskow.

Light Troops.

70. Prussian Officer of Light Infantry.
71. Prussian Officer of Regt., Jung Bornstaedt 1763.
72. Prussian Officer of Cuirasiers 1763.
73. Prussian Officer of Hussars on the year 1763 Regt., Reusch or Todtenkepfe.
74. Prussian Army A. (1) Hussar of the Regt., Reusch or Todtenkepfe. (2) Fusilier of the Light Infantry Battalion of Le Noble.
75. Prussian Army B. (1) Hussar of the Regt., Prince de Anhalt Pless. (2) Fuisilier of the Light Infantry Battalion of Pellet Silisian Brigade.
76. Prussian Army C. (1) Chasseur of the 3rd Lieb Regt. (2) Grenadier Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick.
77. Prussian Army D. (1) Chasseur of the 3rd Lieb Regt. (2) Grenadier of the Regt., Kleist No 5.

Russian Arny.

78. Russian Officer of the Noble Guards.

Troops of the Line.

79. Russian Officer of Infantry of the Line. Regt., Petersburg Grenadiers Guard.

Light Troops.

80. Russian Officer of Hussars Regt., Ysom.


81. Russian Officer of Horse Artillery Guards.


82. Russian Infantry Officer (Regiment Wyborg).
83. Russian Officer of the 12th Regt., of Chasseurs or Light Infantry.
84. (1) Trooper of Noble Guards. (2) Sergeant of Horse Artillery. (3) Private of Infantry (Regt Wyborg) in Field Dress.
85. A Russian Regular Cossack.
86. Cossacks. (1) Cossack of the Imperial Guards. (2) Regular Cossack. (3) Irregular Cossack.
87 Russian Army A. (1) Cossack of the Don. (2) Russian Lt. Infantry 2nd Regt.

Swedish Army.

88. Swedish Officer of Light Horse. Chevaux Legers Finland Regt.

Troops of the Line.

89. Swedish Officer of Lieb Grenadier Regt.

Danish Army.

90. (1) Danish Officer of Infantry of the Line, Norwegian Life Regt. (2) Danish Officer of Light Infantry Regt., Jaeger Scheleswig.

Spanish Army.

91. Spanish Officer of Heavy Horse. Regt., Carabinieros de la Reyna.

Light Troops.

92. Spanish Officer of Hussars, Regt., Maria Louisa.


93. Spanish Officer of Artillery.

Troops of the Line.

94. Spanish Officer of Infantry of the Line, Regt., Irlanda.
95. Spanish Army A. (1) Canonier Royal Artillery. (2) Fuisilier of the 1st Regt., Estrsmadura. (3) Dragoon of the Regt., Zamora.
96. Spanish Guerillas under Colonel Don Julian Sanchez.

Lipperheide 2115; Colas 2058; Tooley 236; Bobins II, 353.
Hand coloured plates
Costume, Military
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