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Hortus Gramineus Woburnensis...
London : Ridgway, 1826.
3rd ed. xx 438 [6]p [62] leaves of plates : illustrated. large 8vo. Full leather with title embossed in gilt to upper board and spine. Spine re-backed and new prelims. Edges uncut, title page has been repaired, repairs to a few plates and text, but generally contents good and bright. George Sinclair (1786-1834) was gardner to the 6th Duke of Bedford at his estate Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire from 1808-25. In 1809, Sinclair began conducting experiments and publishing papers under the Duke's direction. 'Hortus Gramineus Woburnensis' was first published in 1816 as an expensive folio volume - cheaper, smaller format editions were published in 1825-26-29.

Coloured plates in order:

Small thumb nail plates.

1. Fig 1. Sweet-scented vernal grass. Fig 2. Upright mat-grass. Fig 3. Sheathed cotton-grass. Fig 4. Canary-grass.
Fig 5. Meadow cat's-tail-grass. Fig 6. Glaucous panic-grass. Fig 7. Meadow fox-tail grass. Fig 8. Millet-grass.

2. Fig 9. Stoloniferous bent-grass. Fig 10. Woolley soft-grass.
Fig 11. Turfy hair-grass, bulls'-faces, hassock-grass. Fig 12. Purple melic-grass. Fig 13. Flat-stalked meadow-grass. Fig 14. Common quaking-grass. Fig 15. Round headed cock's-foot-grass. Fig 16. Crested dog's-tail-grass.

3. Fig 17. Meadow fescue-grass. Fig 18. Soft brome-grass.
Fig 19. Long-awned feather-grass. Fig 20. Downy oat-grass.
Fig 21. Wood reed-grass. Fig 22. Perennial rye-grass.
Fig 23. Jointed lyme-grass. Fig 24. Wall-barley, way-bennet-grass. Fig 25. Creeping-rooted wheat or couch grass.

4. Fig 26. Reed-like camary-grass. Fig 27. Lesser variety of meadow cat's-tail grass. Fig 28. Slender fox-tail-grass.
Fig 29. Creeping-rooted of soft couch-grass. Fig 30. Zigzag hair-grass. Fig 31. Smooth-stalked or creeping-rooted meadow couch-grass. Fig 32. Rough-stalked meadow-grass. Common meadow-grass. Fig 33. Tall fescue-grass. Fig 34. Field, or corn brome-grass. Fig 35. Annual bearded rye-grass

Larger full page plates.

5. Anthoxanthum Odoratum. Sweet-scented Vernal-grass.
6. Dactylis Glomerata. Round-panicled Cock's-foot Grass.
7. Alopecurus Pratensis. Meadow Foxtail-grass.
8. Poa Pratensis. Smooth-stalked Meadow-grass.
9. Poa Trivialis. Rough-stalked Meaow-grass.
10. Festuca Pratensis. Meadow Fescue.
11. Cynosurus Cristatus. Crested Dog's-tail Grass.
12. Festuca Duriuscula. Hard Fescue.
13. Festuca Cambrica. Welsh Fescue.
14. Festuca Hordiformis. Long-awned Sheep's Fescue.
15. Avena Flavescens. Golden Oat, Yellow Oat-grass.
16. Holcus Lanatus. Woolley Soft-grass.
17. Holcus Mollis. Creeping Soft-grass, Couch-grass.
18. Holcus odoratus. Sweet-scented Soft-grass, or Northern Holy-grass.
19. Holcus Avenaceus. Tall Oat-like Soft-grass.
20. Bromus Arvensis. Field Brome-grass.
21. Bromus Mollis. Soft Brome-grass.
22. Festuca Loliacea. Darnel-like Fescue.
23. Festuca Glabra. Smooth Fescue.
24. Poa Nemoralis Angustifolia. Wood Meadow-grass.
25. Poa Angustifolia. Narrow-leaved meadow-grass.
26. Poa Fertilis. Fertile Meadow-grass.
27. Poa Nervata. Nerved meadow-grass.
28. Phleum Pratense Majus. Meadow Cat's-tail Grass.
29. Phleum Pratense Minus. Smaller variety of Meadow Cat's-tail Grass.
30. Bromus Erectus. Upright Perennial Brome-grass.
31. Briza Media. Common Quaking-grass.
32. Vicia Sepium. Bush Vetch.
33. Lolium Perenne Tenue. Rye-grass, Perennial Darnel, Ray-grass, Perennial Rye-grass.
34. Lolium Perenne Russellianum. The Russell's rye-grass.
35. Trifolium Medium. Marl Clover, Cow-grass.
36. Trifolium Pratense. Perennial Red Clover.
37. Agrostis Stolonifera Latifolia. Larger-leaved Creeping Bent, Fiorin.
38. Festica Ovina. Sheep's Fescue.
39. Agrostis Vulgaris. Common Bent, Fine Bent-grass.
40. Aira Flexuosa. Zig-zag Hair-grass, Wavy Mountain Hair-grass.
41. Alopecurus Agrostis. Slender Fox-tail-grass.
42. Avena Pubescens. Downy Oat-grass.
43. Cynodon Dactylon. Creeping Dog's-tooth Grass.
44. Poa Compressa Erecta. Upright Flat-stalked Meadow-grass.
45. Lotus Corniculatus. Bird's-foot trefoil, bird's-foot clover.
46. Avena Pratensis. Meadow Oat-grass.
47. Hordeum Pratense. Meadow Barley-grass.
48. Agrostis Alba. White Bent.
49. Agrostis Stolonifera Aristata. Awned Creeping Bent.
50. Agrostis Stoloifera Angustifolia. Smaller-leaved Creeping Bent.
51. Aira Caespitosa. Turfy Hair-grass, Hassock-grass.
52. Poa Aquatica. Water Meadow-Grass.
53. Festuca Elatior Fertilis. Fertile-seeded Tall Fescue.
54. Elymus Arenarius. Upright Sea Lyme-grass, Starr, or Bent.
55. Arundo Arenaria. Sea-reed, Marram, Starr, or Bent.
56. Trifolium Macrorhizum. Long-rooted Clover.
57. Lolium Temulentum. Annual Rye-grass, Bearded Ray-grass, Bearded Darnel.
58. Lolium Arvense. Short-awned Annual Darnel.
59. Poa annua. Annual Meadow-grass, Suffolk-grass.
60. Triticum Repens. Creeping Wheat-grass, Couch, Quitch, Dog's-grass, Quicks.
Hand coloured plates
Botany, British Isles
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