WALPOLE, Horace.
The Letters of Horace Walpole... Edited by Peter Cunningham.
London: Richard Bentley, 1857.
18 vols. Title pages specially printed in red & black; illustrated with 66 hand-coloured portraits; 645 extra illustrations together with 711 fine plates including: 507 rare portraits (150 hand coloured), 204 beautifully engraved views (34 hand coloured, 24 folding) with tissue guards; Hardcover. Tall 8vo. Elegantly bound by Bayntun in 3/4 brown crushed morocco over marbled paper covered boards with the spine elaborately gilt tooled in compartments; raised bands; Top edge gilt. Marbled endpapers. This unique set has been greatly expanded from 9 volumes to 18 by the insertion of numerous extra plates. Minor wear to covers. Volume eleven professionally re-backed. Brilliant letters by the owner of Strawberry Hill.
*Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool. (*

Coloured plates in order:

Volume 1.

1. Frontis. Horace Walpole at the age of ten.
2. [Susan, Lady Bellasys].
3. Paris. Place de la Concorde.
4. Horace Walpole.
5. The Hon. Henry Seymour Conway.
6. Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset.
7. William Pulteney, Earl of Bath.

Volume 2.

8. Frontis. Countess of Nithisdale.
9. King Henry the Eighth.
10. Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough.
11. David Teniers Junr.
12. Les Trois Magots. Hon Augustus Barry / The Earl of Barrymore / Hon Henry Barry (sepia).
13. Anne Clifford, Countess of Dorset, Pembroke and Montgomery.
14. A Connoisseur Examining a Cooper. George III scrutinising a miniature of Oliver Cromwell.
15. Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington.
16. Madame de Montespan.
17. Madame de Sevigne (sepia).
18. Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke.
19. [Stately Home].
20. Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey.
21. Queen Catherine Parr.
22. [Duchess of Somerset].
23. Horace Walpole.
24. Hon. John Manners, Marquis of Granby. Commander in Chief of the Forces.

Volume 3.

25. Frontis. Mrs Howard - Countess of Suffolk.
26. Ben Johnson.
27. Mr & Mrs. Garrick.
28. Sir Robert Kerr, Earl of Ancram.
29. Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, Chief of the Clan Fraser.
30. William Dobson.
31. Ethelreda Hartison - Viscountess Townsend.
32. Andrea Vannucchi called Del Saro.
33. Miss Ray the Vocalist.
34. Lord Moira (Narquis of Hastings) & Tom Sheidan (his Aide-de-Camp). (sepia)

Volume 4.

35. Frontis. Elizabeth, Duchess of Hamilton & Brandon & Duchess of Argyll
36. [Elizabeth, Lady Denham].
37. George Carew, Earl of Totnes.
38. John Erskine, Eal of Mar.
39. [Nell Gwynn].
40. Henry Bunbury, Esq.
41. Lord Clarendon.
42. John Chute.
43. A Parisian Family.
44. Madame de Sevigne.
45. Lord Henry Spencer / Lady Elizabeth Spencer / Lord John Spencer / Miss Pashall (sepia).
46. George Selwyn. The Hon: Richard Edgcumbe & Gilly Williams.
47. John Wilkes.

Volume 5.

48. Frontis. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.
49. Second Gallery of Busts, Statues & Tombs.
50. George Montagu, Esq.
51. Maria, Countess of Coventry.
52. James Radcliffe, Earl of Derwentwater.
53. Richard III.
54. Mrs Garrick.
55. Ardgillan Castke.
56. Joseph Scaliger.
57. Lieut. General Sir Ralph Abercrombie.
58. Maria, Countess of Waldergrave, afterwards Duchess of Gloucester.
59. Erasmus.
60. Major General James Wolfe.

Volume 6.

61. Frontis. The Right Hon. Lord Byron.
62. Sir Charles Napier. Commander of the Baltic Fleet.
63. Algernon Percy, Earl of Northumberland.
64. The Orangery at Versailles.
65. [Catherine of Braganza].

Volume 7.

66. Frontis. Catherine Clive.
67. H.R.H. George Prince of Wales, Regent of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
68. Caricature of George Prince of Wales (Geo IV) as a Light Horseman.
69. Albert Durer.
70. Paris. La Madeleine.
71. Anne Liddell, Duchess of Grafton and Countess of Upper-Ossory.
72. Mademoiselle La Chevaliere. D'eon de Beaumont.
73. Titian.
74. Luca Giordano.
75. Paris.
76. John Wikes, M.P.
77. The Aasault or Fencing Match which took place between Mademoiselle La Chevaliere D'eon de Beaumont and Monsieur de Saint George.... (sepia)
78. Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury.
79. Paris. Boulevard et Porte St. Denis.
80. [Mrs Nott]?
81. Catherine Hyde, Duchess of Queensbury.
82. Edward III.
83. Paris. La Ste. Chapelle.

Volume 8.

84. Frontis . Thomas Gray.
85. Emma Hart (Lady Hamilton) as "A Bacchante".
86. Paris. Tour de Horologe ey Quai des Fleurs.
87. Richard III.
88. John, Duke of Argyll.
89. John Sebastian Bach.
90. Petrarch.
91. Lady Sarah Bunbury.
92. Sir Horace Mann.
93. Margaret Duchess of Newcastle.

Volume 9.

94. Frontis. The Hon. Anne Seymour Damer.
95. Lord Byron.
96. [Frances Jennings].
97. Frederick Lord North.
98. The Duchess of Kent and the Princess Victoria at the age of two years.
99. Mary Lepel, Lady Hervey.
100. The Duchess of Kingston.
101. [Ermilia, Countess of Ossory].
102. Catle Howard.
103. Mrs Siddons.
104. [Portrait of a Lady]
105. The Pantheon, Paris.

Volume 10.

106. Frontis. Richard Bentley, Esq.
107. [Mrs Middleton].
108. Sir Godrey Kneller.
109. The Grand Gallery of the Louvre.
110. Mrs. Abington in the Character of "Roxalana" in "The Sultan".
111. Sir William Jones.
112. Caroline Campbell, Countess of Aylesbury.
113. Mrs. Hartley.
114. Elizabeth Berkeley, Countess of Craven.

Volume 11.

115. Frontis. Lady Diana Beauclek.
116. Samuel Foote.
117. Anne Chamber. Countess Temple.
118. James Harris. First Earl of Malmesbury.
119. The Giants Stairs, Ducal Palace, Venice.
120. Buda and Pest.
121. [Elizabeth, Countess of Northumberland].
122. Leaving the Opera.

Volume 12.

123. Frontis. Mary, First Duchess of Devonshire.
124. Natural Bridge, Virginia.
125. Washington crossing the Delaware.
126. Fenelon.
127. Salvatore Rosa.
128. Andrea Sacchi.
129. Gibbon.
130. Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.
131. Monsieur de St. George (sepia).
132. [Elizabeth, Countess of Chesterfield].
133. The Rt. Hon. Lady John Thynne.
134. Mary Fitzpatrick.
135. Calvin.

Volume 13.

136. Frontis. Duchesse de Choiseul, and Madame La Marquise du Deffand.
137. The Battle of Balls Bluff [American Civil War[.
138. Oliver Cromwell.
139. Mrs. Tickell.
140. John Bunyan.
141. Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire.
142. William Wordsworth.
143. Margaret Tudor, Queen of England.

Volume 14.

144. Frontis. Miss Chudleigh afterwards Duchess of Kingston.
145. Sir Nicholas Carew.
146. Francis Snyders.
147. John Van Eyck.
148. Cardinal Beatoun.
149. Ratisbon or Regensberg.
150. Royal Exchange.
151. Francis Grose, Esq.
152. The Right Rev. Richard Hurd, D.D.
153. Prince Charles Edward Stuart, The Young Pretender.
154. The Duchess of Albany.
155. Sir Walter Raleigh.

Volume 15.

156. Frontis. Horace Walpole.
157. William Pitt.
158. Anne Luttrell, - Mrs Horton, afterwards Duchess of Cumberland.
159. Richard Kempenfelt, Esq (sepia).
160. Mary Granville, (Mrs. Delany).
161. Hannah More.
162. Charles Watson Wentworth, Second Marquis of Rokingham.
163. View in Matlock Vale [Derbys].
164. Michal Angelo Buonaroti.

Volume 16.

165. Frontis. Francis Seymour Conway, Earl of Hertford.
166. The Race Bridge Fair Mount Water Works, Philadelphia.
167. Rubens.
168. The Coffin of her Royal Highness the Princess Amelia.
169. Cervantes.
170. Captain Cook.
171. [Louise Queroucullee, Duchess of Portsmouth].
172. Mary, Lady Jerningham.
173. The Rt. Hon. Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville.
174. St. Martin's Church from Charing Cross.
175. William Beckford, Esq.
176. [Barbara, Duchess of Cleveland].
177. H.R.H. George, Prince of Wales (Geo IV).
178. [Elizabeth, Countess of Falmouth].

Volume 17.

179. Frontis. Lady Maria Waldegrave / Laura, Viscountess Chewton / Lady Horatia Waldegrave.
180. Sir W. Hershell.
181. Nicolo Poussin.
182. Poussin.
183. The Duke of Queensbury.
184. Young Parr (sepia).
185. Windsor Castle from the Great Meadow.
186. Windsor Castle from the Home Park.
187. "Peter Pindar" Rev. J. Wolcott, M.D.
188. General Hospital, Boston.
189. Miss Mary Berry.
190. Blowing up the Pic Nic's: -- or Harlequin Quixotte attacking the Puppets.
191. W. Wilberforce, Esq.

Volume 18.

192. Frontis. Sir Robert Walpole & Catherine Shorter, his First Wife.
193. Pisa.
194. Custom House, Dublin.
195. Mrs. Hastings.
196. The Last Cart [French Revolution].
197. Jane, Duchess of Gordon.
198. Lady Hamilton.
199. St. George's Chapel with part of the ceremony of an Installation of Knights of the Garter.
200. Christiana, Countess of Devonshire.
201. Jack Banister.
202. The Right Rev. Daniel Wilson, D.D. Lord Bishop of Calcutta.
203. Horace Walpole (Youngest son of Sir Robert Walpole..)

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