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Le Coloriste, Modèles de Lithographies, coloriées à l'Aquarelle
Paris: Chez Aubert (ca. 1840).
Folio. Contemporary half purple morocco, spine with decorative gilt, broad relief-stamped borders in blind and gilt inner panel with gilt title in centre to upper board, all edges gilt. With lithographed title within ornamental borders and a double suite of 15 lithographed plates, each lithographed by Kaeppelin after designs by C. Lasalle and produced at Paris by Chaillou, one suite with all the illustrations beautifully and very brightly coloured by hand and glazed, and one suite left uncoloured, except for one plate which is entirely and two plates which are partly water coloured by a child's hand, the plates of the two suites facing each other, all versos blank.
Beautiful colouring book for children, mostly with two or four illustrations of costumes or children's games to one plate. The model plates for the children to follow are all very brightly and most beautifully coloured by hand and glazed with egg-white. Seven of the twelve plates show Chinese costumes and Chinese children's games, the other five plates show picturesque costumes from various countries, like France, Italy, Russia, etc. The plates were obviously selected by the Paris publisher from some large print-series, as some of the plates are titled: "Costumes Pittoresques de Différents Pays par Lassalle", and numbered 9, 18, 23, 26, 31, and 48; some are titled: "Croquis Chinois par Lassalle", and numbered 2e série no. 7, and 15, and some others are titled: "Babioles Chinoises" and numbered 2, 5, 6, and one is titled above: "Les Mille et un Croquis" and underneath: "La Balançoire Chinoise", and show a beautiful full-page scene of a Chinese lady with her three baby children playing on the seesaw in the garden. All uncoloured facing plates are of course titled and numbered identically. But all plates are also signed on the stone by C. Lassalle, several also by the lithographers Kaeppelin & Cie, and have the original publisher's address of Chaillou at Paris. All plates are of quite the same style, and the model plates are all beautifully coloured by the same colouring artist. Almost all the plates intended to be coloured by the children are still untouched.
Good copy of a rare colouring book.- (Binding rubbed and slightly damaged, loose in spine; the last set of two plates loose and damaged at edges; recent children's coloured drawings on first endpaper.

Coloured plates in order:

1. Costumes Pittoresque de Differents Pays Par Lasalle. Costume chinois / Jardinier chinois / Soldat Tartare / Devineisse chinoise.
2. As above.
3. Babioles Chinoises. Chinois en voyage / Famille noble.
4. Costumes Pittoresque de Differents Pays Par Lasalle. Costume a Saumur / Costume a Lesmeveu / Paysan de Batz / Jeune femme de Batz, costume de mariee.
5. Babioles Chinoises. L'Esclave / L'Empereur de la Chine.
6. Costumes Pittoresque de Differents Pays Par Lasalle. Femme de Civita Vecchia / Pecheur de Naples / Femme de Cassal Bordino / Femme de Pietra Ferrazano.
7. Croquis Chinois Par Lasalle.
8. Barbioles Chinoises. La Toilette / Le Repos.
9. Costumes Pittoresques de Differents Pays, Par C. Lasalle.
10. Costumes Pittoresques de Differents Pays Par Lasalle. Tartare de Tomsh / Femme Kalmouque / Jeune fille Russe / Femme de Tschouvaches.
11. Les Mille et un Croques. La Balancoire Chinoise.
12. As above.
13. Costumes Pittoresques de Differents Pays Par Lasalle. Jardiniere a Seville / Costume a Seville / Muletier du Royaume de Jaen / Dame a Cadix.
14. [Loose, in poor condition] Croques Chinois Par Lassalle.
15. [Loose, in poor condition] As above.
Not in Gumuchian, or in Lipperheide, etc
Hand coloured plates
Children, Costume, France
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