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(Louis) H(ippolyte). and F(rançois). Debret.
Oeuvres Complètes de Jacques Barozzi de Vignole.
(Paris). (De l'Imprimerie de P. Didot l'Ainé). (1815 - 1823?).
Folio. (562 x 406 mm). Engraved title with wash colour and 85 engraved plates numbered 1 - 84 at upper right (plate 44 present in duplicate: with additional contemporary colour by hand and in monochrome only), 22 plates with additional contemporary colour by hand (including title), four folding plates (two with additional colour)and 8 plates are laid down; the plates on several different paper stocks with the colour plates on a finer cream paper. This copy without half-title, printed title or leaf of text and without plate 1bis. Sheet size: 550 x 385 mm (single sheet); 550 x c.740 mm (bifolia). Contemporary red morocco-backed marbled boards and endpapers, banded spine ruled in gilt with gilt title 'VIGNOLA' in eight compartments. [PROVENANCE: Ownership signature 'H. Ritter / Architekt' to first blank leaf].
An exceptional copy of this rare work on Vignola - with a number of plates coloured by hand - presumably produced for presentation. This rare edition of Vignola's designs was produced by two young French architects who had themselves travelled to Italy to measure Vignola's buildings. Planned as a work of 25 parts, the book was never completed and only 14 parts were, in fact, issued. Brunet indicates that the parts were issued between 1815 and 1823 before publication was suspended. This copy appears to have been issued without the half-title, title or leaf of text and without plate 1bis as per the copy in the Sloane Museum, London (see BAL RIBA), however, given the fine quality of the colouring by hand and the presence of several different paper stocks (that for the colour plates is a cream colour and of evident quality) it seems likely that this copy was produced for presentation. We can locate only a very few copies, and, of these, none include plates with colouring by hand. 'Lebas visited Italy with François Debret (1770 - 1850) several times during the early 1800s, and made careful drawings of all of Vignola's buildings that they could find. On their return to Paris around 1808 they began to arrange for their drawings to be engraved and in 1809 announced their intention to publish their findings. However ... they were persuaded ... return to Italy in 1811 to continue their studies and render their work more complete.' (BAL RIBA). 'Belle édition qui devait se publier en 25 livraisons ... Il n'en a paru que 14 livraisons.' (Brunet). 'Careful measured drawings of the principal designed by Vignola, notably Caprarola and the Villa Giulia, engraved in the linear style made fashionable by Percier and Fontaine.' (Weinreb). The H. Ritter to whom this edition of Vignola belonged formerly is likely the Munich-born German architect and city planner Hubert Ritter (1886 - 1967) who was instrumental in the reconstruction of Leipzig after the Second World War.

Coloured plates in order:

1. Title page (sepia).
2. Vue generale prise du Convent de St. Therese.
3. Palaisade Caprarola. Coupe Generale.
4. Plan topographique indicatif de la situation du Village du Palais et de ses dependances.
5. Palais de Caprarola. Plan, Coupe et Elevation de la Grotte marquee No.10 sur la Plan du Rez-de-Chaussee.
6. Palais de Caprarola. Details de la Grotte No.10...
7. Palais de Caprarola. Plan et Elevation de la Porte sous le Pont Levis...
8. Palais de Caprarola. Porte d'Entree Principale.
9. Palais de Caprarola. Cornishe Exterieure du Rez-de-Chaussee...
10. Palais de Caprarola. Croisee Exterieure du Rez-de-Chaussee.
11. Palais de Caprarola. Coupe du Vestibule marque No.17 sur le Plan du Rez-de-Chaussee.
12. Palais de Caprarola. Portiques de la Cour a Rez-de-Chaussee...
13. Palais de Caprarola. Voute de l'une des Salles dite de l'Est et marquee No.22 sur le Plan du Rez-de-Chaussee / Voite de l'une des Salles dite du Printems et placee a l'angle No.22 sur le Plan du Rez-de-Chaussee.
14. Palais de Caprarola. Voute de la Salle de bains / Plan du grand Escalier.
15. Palais de Caprarola. Galerie exterieure de la Cour au 1st Etage.
16. Palais de Caprarola. Decoration d'une partie du Portique au 1st Etage de la Cour circulaire / Variantes des Peintures Arabesques qui decorant la partie du Portique au dessus des Portes.
17. Palais de Caprarola. Coupe de la Grande Salle ou Loge, marquee No.4 sur la Plan du 1st Etage / Plan de la Grande Salle.
18. Palais de Caprarola. Detail d'un quarz de Voute en berceau de la Grande Salle ou Loge marquee No.4 sur le Plan du premier Etage.
19. Palais de Caprarola. Coupe de la Chapelle au 1st Etage / Detail en grand de la Frise.
20. Palais de Caprarola. Detail des Ornaments en coquillages de l'un des Piliers...
21. Casin de Caprarola. Plafond de l'une des Salles du 1st Etage et Voute de la Loge a Rez-de-chaussee cote du levant.
[BAL RIBA 3968; Brunet V 1220; Weinreb 51:732; not in Fowler; not in Millard].
Hand coloured plates
20 + title.
Architecture/Mansions, France
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