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Andrey efimovich, Aleksandr Osipovich, Orlovsky, Hippolyte Lecomte.
Russian Types.
Paris: Pluchart and others, Skt. Peterburg, and Delpech, 1819-26.
Folio. (33.5 x 24.5 cm). 43 lithographs including 32 with original hand-colour and 3 black-and-white duplicates of coloured plates, most mounted, 18 pl. by Martynov, 19 by Orlovskiy, 5 by Lecomte and one by Pavel Aleksandrevich Aleksandrov, often dated in the plate; light very occasional spotting. 19th cent. half brown morocco over marbled papers, gilt lines to boards, spine with raised bands, gilt motifs to compartments, gilt lettering in second compartment; slightly rubbed. Very good collection of rare charming lithographs, most with original hand-colouring. Some plates without captions.

Coloured plates in order:

1. Russian dance.
2. Two Russian Women.
3. Two Russian Women in Ceremonial Dress.
4. Female Russian Costume, with white veil.
5. Female Russian Costume with yellow and red check head scarf.
6. Two Russian Ladies in Ceremonial Costume.
7. Russian Lady in a Garden with head dress.
8. Russian Woman carrying baskets.
9. Russian Man with box and walking stick.
10. Russian Man with knife, collecting tins and net.
11. Russian man selling potted plants. (hat on)
12. Russian Man selling apples / fruit.
13. Russian man selling potted plants. (hat off)
14. Two Russian Men, one selling items from a tray, the other a woodcutter.
15. Two Russian Boys selling cheese and condiments.
16. Four Russian Men play a game.
17. Two Russian Men Wrestle, while another referees.
18. Two Russian Men Box each other.
19. Pretre.
20. Paysan.
21. Chasseur.
22. Russian Hunter with knife, sword, rifle and shield.
23. Prisonnier.
24. Chef.
25. Soldat.
26. Femme Cosaque de Tcherkasksur les bords du Don.
27. Jeune fille Wotiak dans le Gt. dw Casan.
28. Femme tartare Kalmouk.
29. Chef de Tartares Noguais.
30. Marchand tartare de Tomsk.
31. Russian Workman.
32. Marchand de Melons et d'autres fruits.
Not in Abbey. Martynov not in Colas. Colas 1806 (Lecomte) and 2254 (second Orlovsky).
Hand coloured plates
Costume, Russia
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