WALTON, William.
The Army and Navy of the United States, from the period of the Revolution to the Present Day.
Philadelphia: Geo Barrie, 1889-95.
A Record of the Formation, Organization, and General Equipment of the Land and Naval Forces of the Republic. In twelve portfolios. Elephant folio (13" x 19"), original half vellum, pale blue cloth boards lettered in gilt to upper boards, internal original olive wrappers, gray silk ties. With original wrappers and vellum portfolios. Deluxe edition in parts, number 545 (limited to subscribers only), of this magnificently illustrated history of the United States Army and Navy, with 44 full-page hand-colored lithographs and over 200 mounted in-text illustrations on India paper, in original publisher’s portfolios.The finest edition of this epic work, this beautifully illustrated history is, in addition, a valuable resource, particularly for its pictorial rendering of U.S. Army and Navy uniforms from 1776 through 1891. The text contains an important roster of all commissioned officers from the Revolution through the Civil War. Rarely found complete, these are the original 11 parts plus supplement, in the original 12 cloth portfolios. Each of the 11 parts contains several wonderful full-page hand-coloured lithographs, with captioned tissue guards. The first portfolio also contains a facsimile reproduction of a letter to the publisher from General Sherman praising the work: “My dear sir, I have examined with some care the Letter press and illustrations of your promised work The Army and Navy of the U.S., and have further submitted it to the critical examination of a friend, an eminent artist of this city, who confirms my judgement especially as to the excellence of the illustrations, and therefore endorse your work with my approbation. Your friend, W.T. Sherman.” Howes W81. Subscriber’s copy, issued to Col. Ernest MacPherson, Judge Advocate General of the Kentucky State Guard. Occasional light finger marks to margins. Most minor soiling to original cloth portfolios. Wrappers fine, plates beautiful. A magnificent work in exceptional condition.

Coloured plates in order:

Part 1. Army.

1. Brigadier-General, Aide-de-Camp and Orderlies, 1776.
2. Officers of the French Contingent, 1780.
3. General and Staff Officers, 1812.
4. General Officers, 1835.

Part 2. Army.

5. General and Officers of Staff, 1847.
6. Generals, 1864.
7. Lieutenant-General, 1886.

Part 3. Army.

8. School of West Point, Mounted and Unmounted, 1889.
9. Light Horse, Skirmish of Outposts, 1777.
10. Dragoon, 1846.
11. Cavalry. Charge of the 5th Regulars at Gaines Mills, 27 June, 1862.
12. Captain and Troopers, 1861.
13. Troopers Mounted, 1889.

Part 4. Army.

14. Colonel and Private, First Continental Rhode Island Infantry 1782 to 1796.
15. Infantry, 1810 - 1813.
16. Infantry and General Officers, 1813 - 1821.
17. Officer and Private of Infantry, 1802 - 1810.
18. Officer and Private of Infantry, 1832 - 1850.
19. Voltigeurs and Infantry. Assault of Chapultepec, 12 September 1847.
20. Colonel and Privates of Infantry Volunteers 12th May, 1864.

Part 5. Army.

21. Infantry, Full Dress, 1872 - 1881.
22. Field Equipment, 1892.
23. Field Batteries, Malvern Hill, 1862.
24. Horse Artillery, 1865. Going into Battery: Skirmish before Petersburg.

Part 6. Army.

25. Field Artillery. Major Ringold directing the operations of his Battery, Palo Alto, May 8, 1846.
26. Engineers, 1892. Inspection in Barracks.

Part 7. Army.

[no coloured plates]

Part 8. Army.

27. Commissary Department: Baggage Train, July 21, 1861.
28. Quartermaster's Department. Train of Pack Mules attacked by Mexican Cavalry, 1847.
29. Inspection at Proving-Ground. 12 inch Howitzer on Canet Carriage, 1892.

Part 9. Navy.

30. Rear Admiral, Captain and Ensign, 1865.
31. Privateer Schooner, 1813.
32. Privateersmen, 1777.
33. Letter-of-Marque, 1779.
34. Frigate, 1812.
35. Captain and Boat's Crew, 1813.
36. Commandant and Warrant Officers, 1805. Signing of the Treaty by the Dey of Algiers.
37. Officer and Privates of Marines, 1830. Execution of Deserter.
38. Marines, 1847.

Part 10. Navy.

39. Sinking of the "Alabama," June 11, 1864.
40. Unarmored Cruisers, stripped for action.
41. General Quarters; Gun Practice, 1891. Lieutenant and Seamen, Service Dress; and high-powered breech-loading six inch rifle.
42. Navy Department. Ante-Chamber of the Secretary, Washington, 1893.
43. Unamoured Cruiser, 1890.

Part 11. Navy.

44. Designing Room in the Navy Department, 1893.

Hand coloured plates
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