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NAYLER, Sir George.
The Coronation of His Most Sacred Majesty King George the Fourth solemnized in the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter Westminster upon the Nineteenth Day of July MDCCCXXI
London: Henry George Bohn, 1839 [text watermarked 1823-1826]
Large folio (21 5/8 x 16 1/4 inches). 45 engraved plates (42 hand-coloured aquatints or stipple engravings, many with additional roulette work and heightened in gilt, 3 uncoloured line engravings) by H. Meyer, Wm. Bond, Wm. Bennett, S. Reynolds, E. Scriven, P.W. Tomkins, F.C. Lewis and others after P. or J. Stephanoff, Charles Wild, Augustus Pugin and others. Expertly bound to style in half red morocco over marbled paper covered boards, spines with raised bands in six compartments, lettered in the second compartment, the others with overall repeat decoration in gilt, gilt edges. A spectacular record of the lavish ceremony that surrounded the coronation of King George IV of Great Britain: "the most splendid ceremonial of modern times" (Introduction). The Prince Regent's love of the opulent was well-known and when it came to his coronation as George IV no expense was spared to make the occasion memorable. "The effect of the scene in Westminster Abbey was beyond measure magnificent ... [there was] gradation in the scale of gorgeous ornament, from the unwieldy splendour of the heralds, who glowed like huge masses of gold and silver, to the more chastened robes and ermine of the peers ... It is computed that about five hundred thousand people shared in the festival one way or another ... Those who witnessed it have beheld a sight calculated ... to throw into the shade all scenes of similar magnificence from the Field of the Cloth of Gold down to the present day" (Sir Walter Scott in the present work, see pp.131-134). This work forms a fitting memorial to the event, as Bohn writes in his introduction "The great features of this magnificent pageant have been kept in view: the grand procession from Westminster Hall to the Abbey, the ceremonial of the Coronation itself, and the splendid Banquet which followed, all exhibited in the most ample form. The names of all who filled the various offices, or walked in the procession, are published for the first time. The Publisher feels no hesitation in asserting that this may be considered the only authentic account of the most splendid spectacle of modern times." Nayler's work was announced to be completed in five parts and the first two parts appeared in 1825 and 1827. "Little progress was subsequently made, and the demise of Sir George Nayler in 1831, arrested its completion" (Bohn). In 1835 Bohn brought the unsold sheets together with the copyright and the printing plates. These he combined with the plates from John Whittaker's The Ceremonial of the Coronation of ... King George the Fourth, added some additional text and published the work in 1837. The present copy is an 1839 issue of the 1837 edition and is identical to the first except for the altered date on the title page. "If ever a book illustrated the boast of heraldry and pomp of power, this is the one" (Great Books and Book Collectors).

Coloured plates in order:

1. Title page.
2. His Majesty George the Fourth Proclaimed King at the Royal Exchange London.
3. The Court of Claims in the Painted Chamber of the Palace of Westminster 1821.
4. Procession of the Dean and Prebendaries of Westminster with the Regalia July 19th 1821.
5. The King's Herbwoman and her Six Maids Strewing Flowers. (L-R) Miss Fellows / Miss Garth / Miss Collier / Miss Ramsbottom / Miss Hill / Miss Daniel / Miss Walker. 19th July 1821.
6. A Gentleman of His Majesty's Privy Chamber (Sir Frederick G. Fowke. Bart) 19th July 1821.
7. The Dean of Westminster in a Rich Cope Bringing the Crown from the Altar upon a Cushion of Cloth of Gold. 19th July 1821. John Ireland. D.D.
8. A Knight Commander of The most Honourable Military Order of the Bath in the Mantle and Habit of that Order. 19th July 1821. Admiral Sir Edward Nagle.
9. A Knight Grand Cross of the most Honourable Military Order of the Bath in the full Habit and Collar of that Order. 19th July 1821. Admiral Sir John Borlaise Warren, Bart.
10. Clerk of His Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, in Ordinary. 19th July 1821. James Buller Esq.
11. The Chancellor, of His Majesty's Exchequer in his Coronation Dress and Robe of State. The Right Hon. Nicholas Vansittard, now Baron Bexley.
12. A Member of His Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council. 19th July 1821. The Earl of Yarmouth, now Marquess of Hertford.
13. A Knight of the Garter, in the Habit and Collar of that Most Noble Order. 19th July 1821. The Marquess of Londonderry.
14. Officer of The Jewel House attendant upon the Vice-Chamberlain of his Majesty's Household. Thomas Baucutt Mash, Esq. 19th July 1821.
15. The Treasurer of His Majesty's Household bearing the Crimson Bag with the Medals. Lord Charles Bentink. 19th July 1821.
16. The Earl of Lauderdale bearing the Standard of Scotland / Lord Beresford bearing the Standard of Ireland / Pages / Viscount Exmouth & Viscount Sidmouth in their Robes of Estate. 19th July 1821.
17. The Standard of St. George, borne by a Baron in his Coronation Dress and Robes of Estate, attended by His Page. Lord Hill --- Lord William Lennox. 19th July 1821.
18. A Duke in the Coronation Dress and Robes of Estate. 19th July 1821. The Duke of Norfolk.
19. The Duke of Montrose, in his Robes of Estate / The Duke of Argyll, in his Robes of Estate / The Earl of Westmoreland, as Lord Privy Seal / The Earl of Harrowby, as Lord President of Council. 19th July 1821.
20. The Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, bearing the Purse with the Great Seal, and attended by a Page. 19th July 1821. John Lord Eldon --- His Page, James Farrer Esq.
21. The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury (Charles Manners Sutton.) in his Rochet; carrying the Coronation Service.
22. The Marquess of Salisbury, carrying St. Edward's Staff / Lord Calthorpe, carrying the Gold Spurs / The Marquess of Wellesley, carrying the Sceptre with the Cross. 19th July 1821.
23. The Earl of Galloway, bearing the Third Sword / The Duke of Newcastle, bearing Curtana / The Duke of Northumberland, bearing the Second Sword. 19th July 1821.
24. The Lord Mayor of London in his Coronation Robe 19th July 1821. The Rt. Hon John Thomas Thorpe.
25. Lord Gwydyr, Deputy Lord Great Chamberlain in his Robes of Estate / Lord Howard of Effingham, Deputy Earl Marshall of England in his Robes of Estate. 19th July 1821.
26. His Royal Highness Prince Leopold, in the full Habit of the Order of The Garter, carrying his Baton, as Field Marshall. His train borne by Sir Robert Gardiner K.C.B.
27. His Royal Highness The Duke of Clarence, (now his most excellent Majesty William IV). His train borne by Captain Pechell, R.N. 19th July 1821.
28. A Prince of the Blood Royal. In the Coronation Dress and Robes of the Estate, attended by his Train bearer. His Royal Highness The Duke of York --- Lieut. Col H.F. Cookes.
29. The Duke of Wellington, as High Constable of England.
30. The Duke of Rutland, Carrying the Sceptre with the Dove. 19th July 1821.
31. The Marquees of Anglesey, as Lord High Steward of England, Carrying St. Edward's Crown. 19th July 1821.
32. The Duke of Devonshire, Carrying the Orb. 19th July 1821.
33. The Bishop of Gloucester, carrying the Patina / The Bishop of Ely, carrying the Bible / The Bishop of Chester, carrying the Chalice.
34. The King in his Royal Robes wearing a Cap of Estate. His Majesty's Train borne by Eight eldest Sons of Peers, assisted by the Master of the Robes. 19th July 1821.
35. The Keeper of His Majesty's Privy Purse. The Right Honourable Sir Benjamin Bloomfield. 19th July 1821.
36. The Lieutenant of the Yeoman of the Guard. 19th July 1821. George Coleman Esq.
37. Harbinger of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners. 19th July 1821.
38. The King seated in St. Edward's Chair, Crowned by The Archbishop of Canterbury. 19th July 1821.
39. The Ceremony of the Homage, 19th July 1821.
40. The Royal Banquet. The bringing up of the First Course. 19th July 1821.
41. The Royal Banquet. First Course continued.
42. Explanatory Key to the Grand Historical Print of the Coronation of His Most Gracious Majesty King George the Fourth.

Abbey Scenery 260; Tooley 343; Vinet 759; Bobins II 694.
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