SHOBERL, Frederic. (Editor)
The World in Miniature: Turkey.
London: R. Ackermann, Repository of Arts, [1824]
12 mo. In striking full green morocco with single gilt fillet to boards; gilt raised bands, decorative gilt motifs and title in gilt to spine; top edge gilt; marbled endpapers; bookplate of: 'Julia Parker Wightman' to front paste downs. 6 vols with 73 hand coloured plates in good condition.

Coloured plates in order:

Volume 1.

1. Frontispiece. Death of Sultan Anurat I.
2. Othman I. First Emperor of the Turks.

Volume 2.

3. Frontispiece. Discovery of the Sultana Kieuzel.
4. Mahmud II. Reigning Emperor of the Turks.

Volume 3.

5. Frontispiece. The Heir Apparent to the Throne / The Chief Khatoun or Favourite Sultana.
6. Visir / The Sultan or Grand Signor.
7. Musician / Dancer / Khouzmat-Kar-Seray Governess of the Harem.
8. Qyzlar-Agha, Chief of the Black Eunuchs / Odahlyc. A Woman of the Harem.
9. Capou-Aghacy, Chief of the White Eunuchs.
10. Itch-Oghlan, A Page of he Chamber / Rekab-Dar-Agga, A Stool-bearer.
11. An Itch-Oghlan, writing with the Calam / A Writing Master.
12. Instruments for Writing (A).
13. Instruments for Writing (B).
14. Dulbend-Dar-Agha, Turban bearer to the Sultan / Silihh-Dar, Sword bearer to the Sultan.
15. Itch-Oghlan-Aghacy, Page to the Sultan / Tezkierehdjy-Bachy, Secretary to the Grand Signor.
16. Sazend-Bachy, Music-master of the Seraglio / Hhalvahdjy, Confectioner to the Seraglio.
17. Musical Instruments (C).
18. Musical Instruments (D).
19. Tchenguy Avrety, A Female Dancer / Tchenguy, A Dancer.
20. Capydjy-Bachy, Chiefs of the Porters.

Volume 4.

21. Frontispiece. Mamalukes.
22. The Grand Vizir with the Army.
23. Vezyri-Khouzmet-Kiarycy & Tchocah-Dar, Attendants of the Vizir.
24. A Spahi / A Dely.
25. Reis Effendy, Minister for Foreign Affairs / Drogman, Interpreter.
26. Tchaouch-Bachy, Chief Introducer of Ambassadors / Tchaouch, A common Tchaouch.
27. Sekban-Bachy, Third Officer of Janissaries / Yegnytschery, A Janissary in his State Dress.
28. Achdjy, Cook / Achdjy-Bachy, Head Cook of the Janissaries.
29. Cazan, or Ketle of the Janissaries / Tchorbadjy, Ladle bearer or Captain of Janissaries.
30. Coulloucdjy, Infeior Officer of Janissaries in his ordinary Dress / Bach-Tchaouch, Serjeant-Major of Janissaries.
31. Thopdjy, A Gunner of the Nizam-djedyd / Nefer, A Soldier of the Nizam-djedyd.
32. Hamm-al, a Porter / Sacca, a Water Carrier.
33. [Trumpets, Bits, Stirrups &c.] Plate H.
34. Standards & Colours. Plate E.
35. Arms, Offensive & Defensive. Plate F.
36. [Drum, Ketle Drums, Fire Javelins &c.] Plate G.
37. Levanty Roumy, A Greek Sailor / Levanty, A Turkish Marine.

Volume 5.

38. Frontispiece. Turbeh, Tomb of a Sultan / Mufty, Hief Officer of the Law.
39. Ulema or Molla / Istambol Cadhycy, Judge of Constantinople.
40. Turning Dervises.
41. A Dervise of Constantinople / A Dervise of Syria.
42. Postures of Prayer.
43. A Mosque.
44. A Fountain.
45. A Carriage called Arabah.
46. A Turkish Tomb.

Volume 6.

47. Frontispiece. A Woman of Aleppo / A Woman of Antioch.
48. A Turk in a Pelisse / A Turk in his Shawl.
49. [Turbans] Plate A.
50. [Turbans] Plate B.
51. [Turbans] Plate C.
52. A Turkish Woman from the Country / A Turkish Woman of Constantinople.
53. Greek Women / Turkish Woman [both] in Town Dresses.
54. A Bedouin Woman / A Bedouin Arab.
55. A Bedouin Woman, making butter.
56. A Turk of St. Jean d'Acre / An Arab Woman of the Desert.
57. A Syrian / An Egyptian Woman.
58. Kurds.
59. Turkish Women making Bread.
60. Drusian Woman, grinding Corn.
61. A Turk of Tunis / A Trk of Damascus.
62. A Bosnian / A Tartar.
63. A Jew / An Armenian.
64. A Woman of the Island of Simia / A Woman of Pera.
65. Albanians.
66. Women of Scio / of Samos / & of Metelin.
67. Women of the Island of Andros.
68. A Woman of Spra / A Woman of Cyprus.
69. A Woman of the Island of Naxos / A Woman of the Island of Marmora.
70. A Woman of Argenteria / A Woman of Scio.
71. A Seller of Caimac / A Seller of Vegetables.
72. A Turkish Repast.
73. Fishing.
Tooley 515; Colas 2722-2737; Lipperheide Nos. 959,1217,1485,1580; Abbey Travel 6 (part); Martin Hardie p.114-115, 313.
Hand coloured plates
Ackermann, Arabasia, Costume, Travel/Scenery
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