SCHOBERL, Frederic.
The World in Miniiature. Africa, containing a description of the manners and customs, with some historical particulars of the Moors of the Zahara, and of the Negro nations between the rivers Senegal and Gambia
London, Rodolphe Ackermann, 1821.
4 vols. 12mo. Contemporary half olive green morocco, each spine blind and gilt tooled with 2 red morocco title-labels. Engraved frontispiece, engraved title, engraved folding map and 8 engraved plates to vol. 1; engraved frontispiece, engraved folding map and 11 engraved plates , 3 of which folding,to vol. 2; engraved frontispiece and 14 engraved plates, 2 of which folding, to vol. 3 and engraved frontispiece and 7 engraved plates, 2 of which folding, to vol. 4. All engravings are beautifully executed and finely coloured by hand. XII, (6), 180; (2), 170; (2), 168; (2) 184 pp.
Charming complete set of 4 volumes on Africa from the series "The World in Miniature", published in 43 12mo-volumes between 1820 and 1828 by the London publisher Rodolphe Ackermann. Africa was the second set to be published, after Illyria and Dalmatia in 2 vols. The series resembles a similar series published in France by Nepveu some ten years earlier. The text for these volumes on Africa was translated in English from the original French text by Geoffroy-Villeneux for the Nepveu edition of 1814. The plates are also from the French series, although placed in a different order. These English series, which was one of many to be edited by Shoberl for Ackermann was announced "to increase the store of knowledge concerning the various branches of the great family of Man, not only for adults, but also keeping in view the instruction and amusement of the juvenile student" (Abbey). In each copy an announcement is made of the next "division" which is to be published.

Coloured plates in order:


1. Frontispiece (A Moor / A Moorish Woman).
2. Title page.
3. Map of the Country of The Moors.
4. A Chief of the Assounes in the Moorish method of confining horses.
5. A Moorish Chief & his Wife.
6. A Moorish Adour or Camp, with thr Tent of a Chief.
7. A Moorish Princess going abroad on a Dromedary.
8. A Talbe, or Moorish Priest in hisordinary Dress.
9. Moors surprising a Negro Village.
10. A Negro & a Moor belonging to a Gum Caravan.
11. Grisgris, Water Bottle & Pouch.

Volume 2.

12. Frontispiece (A Felup).
13. Map of the Countries inhabited by the Wolofs.
14. View of St. Louis.
15. A Signara, or Woman of Colour of St. Louis
16. A Negro Foot Soldier.
17. A Negro Horse Soldier.
18. View of Goree (folding).
19. View of the Village of Ben. In Cayor (folding).
20. Canoes of the Negroes.
21. View of Guisala of Joal (folding).
22. Apartment of the King of Salum.
23. A Mandingo.
24. Negro method of attacking a Crocodile.

Volume 3.

25. Frontispiece (Head Dress & Ornaments of the Negro Woman).
26. Temple of the Talbes or Marabouts.
27. Negro Woman washing themselves.
28. Graves of the Serres.
29. Plan of the Residence of the Bour Sine at Joal.
30. Town & Plantation of the Fulahs (folding).
31. Untitled plate with 8 figures.
32. A Negro ascending a Palm Tree for its Wine.
33. Untitled plate with 3 figures.
34. A Goldsmith.
35. Beating Cotton.
36. A Negress spinning Cotton.
37. A Weaver.
38. Untitled Plate with 8 figures.
39. A Floating Bridge.

Volume 4.

40. Frontispiece (A Negro Girl studying the Game of Ourri).
41. A Chain of Slaves travelling from the Interior.
42. The Slave Ship (folding).
43. The Galago of Senegal.
44. The Termite.
45. Nests of Termites (folding).

Lipperheide 1580; Colas 2723; Abbey, Travel in aquatint and lithography (London, 1956) 6; Tooley, English books with coloured plates (Folkestone, 1973) 515; not in Gay
Hand coloured plates
Ackermann, Africa, Travel/Scenery
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