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PALLAS, P[eter] S[imon]
Travels through the Southern Provinces of the Russian Empire, in the Years 1793 and 1794
London: A. Strahan for T.N. Longman, O. Rees and others, 1802-3.
2 volumes 4to (27.3 x 22.5 cm). xxiii [i] 552; xxx [i] 523 pp. with 28 numbered vignettes including 23 hand-coloured 51 numbered plates of which 25 folding and 43 hand-coloured all after Geissler mainly engraved by himself and Medland. In the second 4 engraved maps including 3 folding by Russel; light offsetting from plates. Contemporary half calf over marbled boards; spine with raised bands; gilt in compartments with gilt lettering in second compartment; decorated edges; slightly rubbed and spotted; skilful repairs to spine. Fresh copy of the first edition of Pallas' second travel, which took his team (including Geissler) on a scientific journey along the river Volga to Astrakhan, the Caspian Sea, and then the Caucasus and 'Taurida', that is the Crimea, to which the entire second volume is dedicated. A handsome production due mainly to the numerous attractive and charming hand-coloured illustrations which appear as vignettes in the text as well as additional plates. They depict the natives of the regions travelled, their costumes and occupations, the scenery and landscapes, showing for example fine views of Bakhchisaray, Sebastopol and Balaklava bays. The original German edition of this book was published in Leipzig in 1799-1801, and these plates are copied from it. There was also a French edition. Pallas also explored the flora of Western Siberia to discover whether it had commercial possibilities, for dyes etc.

Coloured plates in order:

Volume 1.

1. Vignette, A Winter Landscape.
2. Domestic Cat & the Coat of Arms for the Town of Mokshan &c.
3. Representation of the Strelnie Gory or sandy rock banks of the Volga (folding plate.)
4. Vignette. View of Birch Forest.
5. Vignette. Pillar of Horse skulls.
6. View of the Colony of Sarepta, on the banks of the Sarpa (folding plate.)
7. Vignette. Three profiles of Mongolian Girl &c.
8. Common Kalmuk and Kalmuk Priest.
9. A Kalmuk housewife and Girl.
10. Rural Encampment of the Kundure Tartars (folding plate.)
11. Woman and girl of Kundure Tartars.
12. Vignette. Taking pheasants by means of gins Kuma and Kuban.
13. Turcoman with bow, quiver and whip.
14. Plan of the Greater or Upper Madshary. [Map]
15. S.W. View of Four Tartar Chapels, Great Madshary (folding plate.)
16. Separate representation of the second Chapel of preceding entry.
17. Vignette. Sepulchral Chapel Mahometans, Great Madshary.
18. Vignette. Circassian Tombs belonging to the family if Prince Dshambulat.
19. Georgiesk and Part Mount Caucasus (folding plate.)
20. Mount Metshuka (folding plate.)
21. Vignette. Sepulchral Monument of Circassian princely family.
22. Circassian of Distinction and princess.
23. Circassian Prince and Nobleman.
24. Circassian Nobleman in full accoutrement.
25. Two Ingushians.
26. Vignette. Circassian and Ingushian Beehive.
27. Vignette. Four Male and Two female stone statues.
28. Matron of Kozaks and girl of Tsherkask.
29. View of Fortress and Roads of Taganrog (folding plate.)
30. Vignette. Armenian Windmill.
31. Vignette. Strate granite &c.
32. Lady of distinction among Nagays, Princess Nagays, Female slave.
33. Vignette. Strate granite &c.

Volume 2.

34. Vignette. Prospect of Mount Tshatyrdag.
35. View of the Gate of Perekop (folding plate.)
36. Vignette. Small plan of Fort.
37. Town of Bakhtshisarai (folding plate.)
38. Prospect of Eski-Yourt (folding plate.)
39. View of the Port & Town of Akhtiar (folding panoramic plate.)
40. View of the Monastic Cells at Inkerman (folding plate.)
41. Vignette. View of the Monastery of St. George.
42. Prospect of the Greek Monastery of St. George (folding plate.)
43. Vignette. Mountains of calcareous rock.
44. View of the Valley & Village of Tshorguna (folding plate.)
45. Vignette. Fortress of Yoursuf.
46. Harbour of Balaklava (folding plate.)
47. A common Arnaut and his wife.
48. Valley of Simaus (folding plate.)
49. Vignette. plough and Sledge.
50. Eastern Part of the Town of Kerassubasar (folding plate.)
51. Accumulated Rocks of Taraktash (folding plate.)
52. Genoese Fortress of Soldaya and Sudagh (folding plate.)
53. Vignette. Antique Greek Tomb, Ovidiopol.
54. Ruinous Town of Theodosia, or Kaffa (folding plate.)
55. Vignette. Plan of of a muddy volcano.
56. Vignette. Tartar mode of threshing.
57. Common Tartars.
58. Two Tartar Mountaineers in their respective dresses.
59. Tartar Nobles.
60. Dress of Females of Crim Tartary.
61. Tartar & Nagay Musician.
62. Crimean Camel.
63. Crimean Sheep.
64. A lamb of the same breed as above entry.
65. Peasant and Girl of Russia Minor.
66. Vignette. View of Bronnitza.
Abbey Travel 222; Prideaux pp. 220-1, 225, 347; Tooley 357-8; Bobins I 209.
Hand coloured plates
East European, Map, Russia, Travel/Scenery
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